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We are the Salesian Sisters of the province of Great Britain. We are part a worldwide congregation also known as the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians.

A Warm Welcome from the Salesian Sisters of St. John Bosco

Last weekend 44 of the sisters gathered in our community in Kendal for our annual Assembly. The theme of the weekend was "Look, I am doing something new..can you not see it". Our aim of the weekend in to look at plans for the process of re-dimensioning our mission and our community living.

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A vocation to the life of a Salesian Sister is a call to follow Christ living in community, working as part of a team, bringing the Good News to the young especially the most vulnerable.






Always, everywhere God is present, and always He seeks to discover Himself to each one.


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Global Issues For Which The Papacy Takes a Firm Stand!


Most of the countries and their laws have gone flexible in a lot of issues. Yes, in the past we have had a lot of restrictions be it cultural, religious or political. However, in all the about said sectors, we see relaxation in rules. One major reason is to seek global attraction. Across the globe, no matter what the religion is, the goal of all the religions is to spread their faith and increase the number of followers. To make this possible, the religious heads and their institutions are going a little flexible.
But out of all these odds, there are certain global issues that the Papacy is still strict about and doesn’t accept otherwise. So, here we will see few such factors where the stand of the Catholic missionaries never liquefies.

Abortion and infanticide:
The Vatican, the centre that determines the rules of the Christian doctrine, has strict rules laid against abortion and infanticide. This has been one of the few things that the church has been working on since the day the church heard deaths happen a lot in the name of abortion and infanticide. The church considers it a crime and an unforgivable sin.

Ok, quite weird but the Big Bang Theory:
It is quite a known fact that there has always been a cold war between science and religion. For some reason, people haven’t been able to accept the concepts of science, when they believe what religion says are right. There have always been controversies in this regard. Right from the days of Copernicus to Einstein and Stephen Hawking, religion has never been in unison with science. That is why the church is never ready to accept the concept of Big Bang Theory.

Though today the Papacy feels that the Catholics have to respect the law of the land, they are still against the concept of divorce. People have the rights to live the way they want their lives to be, and that is the reason why divorce laws came into existence. However, the rules of Bible always strictly prohibit Catholics from getting a divorce, unless they find that the problems can never be solved or other similar unavoidable cases. They believe that marriage is a union made by God and let not man split it!


Gay Marriage:
Times are changing, and people are quite ok with the same-sex relationship, but the papacy and the Catholics laws feel a little different. The same-sex relationship has always been and will always be forbidden according to the Christian doctrines. But many countries across the globe, especially America is going a little easy in such cases. Irrespective of what the state laws say, Christianity considers it a sin.
These are some of the recent global issues that the Papacy has been addressing over and over. Pope Francis, the global leader and the one with the supreme authority over Catholics, is quite about these issues. Looks like it Christians might stay a little different from the rest of the world.

3 Biblical Women Who Serve As Great Role Models!


Women have always been great role models to the society. Women are in general endowed with a lot of values. They have always been the embodiment of love, purity, sacrifice and subtly, But it is quite common that of us look up to women who are a part of the history. But we seldom look up to women who are a part of the religious books. This can possibly be because of the reality factor or the trust factor that differs from one person to the other. In most cases, we take names as role models only to make a pompous show. The more popular your role model is, the better your image is. So here we are going to shun all these clichéd thoughts and list 3 women from the Bible who serve as great role models to the global women. So with no further delay let us get to the list.

Mary, Mother of Jesus:
The Virtue of Obedience
Undeniably the greatest biblical woman is Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ. She has often been associated with purity and obedience. In case, if you are a believer of a different religion you might not know the story of Mary. She bore Christ in her womb with the blessing of God, and that is why she is always hailed as Virgin. She was very young and wasn’t even married when she was conceived by the power of the Holy Spirit. But it was her obedience to God that elevated her as the Queen of Heavens.


The Virtue of being dutiful
Ruth lost her husband when she was very young. However, when she was given a chance to go to her native to live with her parents and to begin a new life for herself, she refused to do so and decided to be with her mother-in-law. It wasn’t wrong for a widow to remarry, but she understood her responsibility as a daughter-in-law and stayed back to take care of her mother-in-law considering the plight of the old woman. The Holy Bible recognises her as a dutiful and obedient woman.

The Virtue of Wisdom
Wise women who are capable of turning the fate of the whole kingdom were present even during the olden days, and Esther is one such example. Esther was a Jewish woman, and she realised that the kingdom is not in favour of the Jews. She decided to conceal her identity and reach the palace to fight the king. Lucky for her, that she was extremely a stunning woman and she was trained to become the royal queen. Once she takes the throne, she cleverly banishes the wicked souls out of the way, wins the trust of the king and protects her clan.

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