Why I Love My Canister Vacuum


People say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but what about her trusty vacuum. Recently I decided to buy a new vacuum cleaner, and it’s crazy the amount of options that exist. You have regular upright vacuums, canister, robotic, and different types and styles depending on the floor. I decided to go with a canister for the added benefits of HEPA filters and the versatility they have. I found the best canister vacuums from the website https://www.canistervacuumexperts.com/ and determined that really the only things that differ are the suction power and cost. This website was great in that it outlines the 5 best based on cost and the various additional features added. A couple of the brands I was definitely more confident with like Hoover and Bissell, but I never heard of Electrolux or Miele before.

The Vacuum for Me

Woman cleaning her house
Woman cleaning her house

So I decided to end up buying the Electrolux that was detailed on Canister Vacuum Experts. They had awesome reviews by previous buyers on Amazon and it seemed like the perfect vacuum for me. The Electrolux is actually designed to be multi-surface and I have several different surfaces in my house that need to be cleaned. We have tile, carpet, as well as wood, all of which need different settings to effectively clean. The brush roll also can clean itself which is something I’ve never seen before. I usually have to take out a pair of scissors every couple of months and cut any hairs that might have grown. I can also safely clean delicate surfaces like my curtains and tablecloth. The vacuum also comes with a HEPA filter which essentially gets rid of any dust and allergens that can be a problem in the home.

Future Proofing Yourself

I’m not sure how many people know this but future proofing yourself with technology is necessary. It seems every year technology grows and grows, even for things like vacuums. Most likely in the future people won’t even have to vacuum their floors and do any sort of manual labor for that matter but for now, buying a vacuum that will last you a couple of years is more than worth it. I expect this Electrolux to last at least another 3-5 years. A lot of people are turned off by the pricing that vacuums can incur but I look at it with the perspective above. I’d rather splurge and spend $300-$1500 on a vacuum and know that it will last. Rather than buy a low-end vacuum that may cause problems down the line and not work as effectively as you hope. There is nothing worse than having dirty floors or a dirty house in general. Taking your vacuum to a repair shop could also cost more than it saves you. Do yourself a favor, buy the higher end option and save your money elsewhere.

Being a mom in a house full of boys can be difficult. Buying a vacuum cleaner that was up to par with the heavy duty lifestyle was important to my success.

Electric Chainsaw – Pros and Cons

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Electric Chainsaw – Pros and Cons

Electric chainsaw is a modern take on the traditional mechanical chainsaws. While gas chainsaws are still used on industrial and professional levels, modern electric variants are more focused towards personal and domestic uses that involves light to medium tasks. You can also buy the best chainsaw sharpener on the market and keep the blades on both sharp enough to cut anything. As electric powered chainsaws are goring more in popularity, this machine has great advantages over the traditional ones. However, the functionality of electric models is limited which, oddly enough, adds some cons.

Let’s take a brief look at the benefits and limitations of an electric chainsaw.


Out of several benefits that users get from electric driven chainsaws, there are specific parameters which simply dominate the engine driven model. Some of the main advantages of electric models include:

  • Simplicity
  • Usability
  • Safety
  • Price

An electric chainsaw is indeed very simple and user-friendly as compared to that of mechanical variants. There are no complex parts or whatsoever that needs to be frequently taken care of. In other words, electric models do not require extensive and frantic maintenance as this type of machine do not incorporate intricate parts.
This eventually makes it possible for even the starters to use the machine without having to go through rigorous operation training and instructions.
Since all electric powered chainsaws are compact, they can be used just about anywhere. Also to note, there are very few control buttons in this type of machine which doesn’t confuse the operator. Most importantly, electric models have less weight as compared to heavy duty gas chainsaws. This makes the operator experience little or no tiredness and fatigue which would otherwise jeopardize safety.
Electric chainsaw is far more safe than bulky and heavy gas models. These models incorporate an array of safety features which eliminates the risks of accidents. The major safety features integrated into electric variants are manual push button start, safety handles, heavy duty power cord, chain tension adjuster, automatic chain lubricator and sharpener.
Electric powered chainsaw is favored over gas variants mainly because of price. As the drive of electric motor is optimized, less parts are used which drops down the price. On the other hand, traditional chainsaw uses a gasoline engine which comprises of several intricate parts. This complexity eventually adds up price.
Disadvantages of electric chainsaw
Although electric models are just about perfect, this type of chainsaw does have some limitations. To point the most important ones, electric powered chainsaw are not work intensive and therefore cannot perform heavy duty tasks.
This is the sole reason why professionals use gas powered chainsaws instead of the electric variants. Another hindrance is that though some electric models include a battery, most of them have an external power source. This requires users to plug in extension cord which might create disturbances while working.
As to the models that come with a built-in battery, charge limitations are set up to 20 or 30 minutes. After the battery power is fully utilized, users again have to recharge which take plenty of time. So with this scenario, there’s no consistency or flow to the work and rather causes latency.

Mobile Apps: Cell Phones


The trend for mobile phone applications has arrived many enthusiastic business owners to venture into mobile app development business. It is a smart idea to venture into the most advanced technology and grow with it It is a proven fact that uniqueness and creativeness are the keys to achievements in mobile app development. However, mere creation of fantastic cellular phone applications would not guarantee achievements in company.

Promotion plays an important role in making the mobile app growth company successful. It is impossible to find a better place other than App store if you are planning to market smart phone app development. You must remember that app store is being flooded with mobile applications and it isn’t simple to gain the attention of visitors. The following are some of the tips and tricks to note, when it comes to marketing your mobile apps.

Planning is always the key to success of any App. Appropriate planning is important to achieve your ASO App store optimization objectives. It is required not only for the growth of the app but also for promotion it Give the guest a reason to convert her interest toward your app.

In any filed uniqueness is recognized and mobile app development filed is no exemption to this Being exclusive is the best way to secure a place for your app in the market. Originality creates your application take a position out of the audience and benefits much interest from prospective clients. Creating a first-of-its-kind app has the higher possibility of getting interest than poor replicas. It is real that discovering an unchanged port is quite challenging, but introducing an current idea in a exclusive way and such as new functions to the app also can add inspiration to marketing of the app.

Give your app an excellent start up. It is a known fact every business action needs required buzz in order to get interest. Create media announcements and expose some of the improvements of your app, launch time frame, etc. Declare the release of your app with party and welcoming superstars to inaugurate the app is a excellent way to get the interest in your community. It is a wise decision to host a web page of your own to market your applications. Follow the rules of success while promotion your applications through your web page.

Determine your potential viewers. If you are concentrating on a specific location, use them along with keywords and phrases. For instance, phrases like smart phone App development, App store optimization and App marketing things. It is essential that your advertisement makes the potential client magic bound at the first look of your web page. As a rule top quality words and back-links are the key to make your web page reach top roles in app store.
Look for search engines being the major source of traffic for websites, it is essential improve it in every possible manner. When it comes to internet promotion of your app, do not leave any stone unchecked. Some of the successful activities you can do include writing a blog, writing and submitting articles, tweeting, and creating Facebook or facebook fan pages.

What to Bring on That Next Camping Trip


When going on a camping trip, it is necessary to be well prepared in order to avoid any possible issues once in the wild. No one likes to be in the heart of the woods, miles away from society while without basic survival tools like a knife needed for daily tasks. It is therefore, essential to prepare a list of camping gear you will require throughout your trip in order to enjoy and experience a fully satisfactory camping trip. I learned a lot from SurvivalGearExperts and had alot of run reading their product reviews.

Depending on the location and environment where you shall be camping, as well as the duration of your trip, a wide variety of camping gear is required while others may be considered as “luxury items”. The main categories are Shelter, Bedding, Clothing, Cooking, and finally Personal/Miscellaneous items.


A tent, ground cloth or tarp, hammer, ropes/poles and stakes, as well as a brush are necessary for pre-made shelters. In the case where you feel driven to build your own shelter out of wood, which requires extra effort, an axe is necessary. It is notable to remember that an axe may also serve other purposes other than shelter building. For extra sanitary reasons, a mat used as a tent entrance allows you to keep your shelter clean from within.


Just like any travel locally or overseas, a change of clothes is a must. The only difference is the sort of clothing you will have to bring. Make sure to bring clothes for all types of weather, hot, rainy, or chilly days and nights. Durable clothing is mandatory in order to resist the climate changes you might face through your camping experience; therefore, it is best to take a pair of sturdy boots, a couple of jeans, raincoat or a jacket. For enjoyable weather conditions, shorts and T-shirts and in the case of a nearby body of water, swim suits and beach gear may come in-handy. One of the most essential clothes are socks and underwear. So don’t forget to bring extras if you are planning on spending a long time camping. A laundry bag is necessary to separate the clean clothes from the dirty, as you wouldn’t want to be stranded in the middle of the forest with smelly clothes.


You have to make sure that you have the correct bedding gear for your camping trip. A sleeping bag, and pillow are the most commonly used If you are looking for extra comfort or in the case of children, it is viable to buy an air mattress which requires an air pump as well as a repair kit in case any punctures may happen, along with sheets or blankets. Just like a laundry bag for dirty clothes, a utility bag for storage serves as an organizational tool.


When camping, there are two options, either to have a functional outdoor kitchen which requires a camping stove, or going with the traditional campfire cooking. In both cases, the camping gear you will require are, bowls, plates, eating utensils, skewers, a cast iron or pot, spatula, a can opener, canned foods, dish soap, as well as a small plastic tub for cleaning.


Most campgrounds have fully functional bathrooms with running water and flushing toilets, but in the case where you decide to camp away from campgrounds, it is necessary to bring your own toilet paper as well as a water tub for rinsing purposes. You should also carry with you, your toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, sanitizers, razor blade for shaving, toiletries and disinfectant alcohol. Although some campsites are shady, you should always have sunscreen due to the considerable sun exposure throughout the day. In case of medical assistance, while awaiting medical aid, a first aid kit is a must.

Insects and mosquitoes are a big problem for campers, so make sure to bring you insect repellents, as well as anti-itch cream in case you run into poison-ivy.

Make sure not to forget other stables for camping gear which are, a flashlight with extra batteries, as well as a lantern.

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